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北师大版 选修7 Unit 20 Period 2 Artificial Intelligence
全国 高二 课时练习 2019-06-28 153次 整体难度: 一般 考查范围: 其他、语篇范围


选用适当的单词或短语补全句子 | 较易(0.85) | 2019·全国·高二课时练习
1. 用方框里的介词或副词填空
from, off, over, out, with

【小题1】The man questioned by the police insisted that he had nothing to do ________ the crime.
【小题2】He has made it a rule not to put ________ what can be done today till tomorrow.
【小题3】So confusing was his speech that the audience couldn’t make ________ what he was trying to express .
【小题4】Mr. Green feels that he is old, so his son will soon take ________ his business.
【小题5】The population growth of the country mainly results ________ the high birth rate.
选用适当的单词或短语补全句子 | 一般(0.65) | 2019·全国·高二课时练习
2. 选词填空(可变换形式)

【小题1】The man was removed from his position last month for ________ top secrets of the company.
【小题2】We must ________ the simple message ________ to the young people that drugs are dangerous.
【小题3】The young mother would feed her baby with milk ________ .
【小题4】If you had made full preparations ________, you could have passed the exam. It wasn’t difficult at all.
【小题5】Can you give me some advice on how to _______________ the time I have lost?
【小题6】The 14-year-old boy beat all the other competitors and ________ first in the contest.
【小题7】Tom used to be late for school, but he has ________ the bad habit by using an alarm clock.
【小题8】She had ________ the novel in one evening and she would like to have a good sleep.


用单词的适当形式完成句子 | 一般(0.65) | 2019·全国·高二课时练习
3. 单句语法填空
【小题1】We are now working in the same department in a bank. In other words, we are ________ (colleague).
【小题2】The woman is planning to drive her car, ________ suffered damage last week, to a nearby garage.
【小题3】We made a decision to purchase some property as an ________ (invest).
【小题4】In the last volunteering, we were arranged for to assist ________ special projects and other duties assigned.
【小题5】Some animals go into hibernation when it ________   (turn) cold and they sleep for the whole winter.
【小题6】I was asked to give a short ________ (present) on the idea.
【小题7】________ (explore) nature much contributes to enlarging our horizons.
【小题8】________ I’m trying to say is that we have handed in those papers to our teacher.
【小题9】I think it may take some time before we can have an accurate ________ (assess) of the damage.
【小题10】We believe time and hard work ________ (involve) in completing such an assignment are worthwhile.


完成句子 | 较难(0.4) | 2019·全国·高二课时练习
4. 翻译句子
Hotels sell service rather than products, or _______________ , service is their product.
Don’t ________ outside in the rain and ask her to come in.
_______________________________ , we should put good behaviors first.
________________________ Jenny when she came here last week.
I ___________________________________ there alone.


阅读理解 | 一般(0.65) | 2019·全国·高二课时练习

5. I had often dreamt of the possibility of spending a year away from my hometown of Leeds in England, living in a foreign country. When I was old enough, however, I thought that my language was going to hold me back.

However, luckily for me, University of Leeds, where I was studying at the time, made it possible for any student, even people like me speaking only one language, to study abroad. Before I knew it I was boarding a plane for Salzburg, Austria. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the experience ahead of me but I was prepared to accept the challenge.

The university was quite small but the classes were large. Also, Austrian students usually take five years to complete their courses, so studying there was somewhat more relaxing than at home. Austrian students go home quite often, too. Therefore, the foreign students had to socialise with each other quite a lot, which didn’t help with our language skills.

Salzburg itself is a picture-postcard Austrian city. It is also famous for being the birthplace of Mozart and the setting for The Sound of Music. As a result, it is usually very busy with tourists. I also found that it doesn’t have a lot of entertainment for young people, in comparison with Leeds.

There are, however, many advantages of living in Salzburg. For example, get on a train and you can be in Prague, Rome or Krakow within a matter of hours. By the end of my year in Salzburg, I had visited eight other countries in Europe.

After spending a year overseas, I went back to my courses in Leeds and I was much more focused on what I wanted to get out of my last year and more appreciative of the opportunity the university provided. The year in Salzburg really showed me that you get a lot more out of a place when you live there compared to when you are just travelling through. I’d recommend all students spend a year studying abroad if they can.

【小题1】In the author’s opinion, what may have prevented his studying abroad?
A.His not being old enough.B.His fearing the culture shock.
C.His becoming homesick easily.D.His not knowing a foreign language.
【小题2】Compared with University of Leeds, the university in Salzburg ________ .
A.provides more social eventsB.has longer university years
C.has more foreign studentsD.offers more small classes
【小题3】One advantage the author mentions about Salzburg is that ________ .
A.it’s convenient for people to travelB.it has a high-speed rail network
C.it’s the hometown of MozartD.it’s full of foreign tourists
【小题4】What does the author think of his experience of studying abroad?
A.He benefited a lot from it.B.He thought it made no difference to him.
C.It was far from what he had expected.D.It badly affected his studies at home.
阅读理解 | 较易(0.85) | 2019·全国·高二课时练习

6. The paperless office was first invented in 1975. Four decades later, we’re still chasing (追逐) the paperless office dream. Take the financial industry for example — it is one of the slowest industries to hug digital transformation. Many financial institutions today still send out trade confirmations (确认函) by mail. I can tell you from first-hand experience that going paperless is by no means impossible. The Centric Digital office is a paperless work environment where all the office operations go digital, which has amazed our business partners.

Actually, companies need to stress the benefits of a digital culture. Going paperless can save time and money. You could say goodbye to costly repairs, office supply orders, wasted employee time and so on. Besides, forbidding paper in the office forces information to be 100% digital, where you can make countless backups (备份), which easily increases transparency (透明). Not to mention, top talents want to work for digital companies.

You might think the secret to a paperless company is purely technology. Well, not really. Thanks to products like iPads, smartphones, and cloud services, the ability to go paperless is highly accessible. Yet, even with all this technology, companies continue to rely on paper. It’s not because they don’t have access to the technology, but because they’re lacking the policies, organizational structure, and strong desire to change. In order to go paperless, companies need to change the way they think and operate. The decision needs to be made and carried out, and everyone needs to work together to make it.

Yes, the paperless office has been a very long time in the making — but it no longer has to be. With plenty of software, services, apps, and technology available today, the only thing we need to do is make the decision to go paperless and see it through.

【小题1】The practice of going paperless in the financial industry is ________.
【小题2】A paperless company can _____________.
A.raise staff salaryB.attract talented staff.
C.promote product salesD.increase time consumption
【小题3】What actually prevents people from going paperless?
A.The company’s management in some aspects.B.Operational research .
C.The equipment available.D.Technological limitations.
【小题4】The writer believes going paperless ____________.
A.still needs a long time to be preparedB.offers people a lot more chances
C.should be put into practice right nowD.brings convenience and trouble as well


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7. November is the month when many people offer thanks. 【小题1】 Use these tips to help develop a sense of gratitude (感激) in each of your children, no matter what their age.

【小题2】 While sitting at the dinner table, ask each member of the family to think about their day and share something that they are thankful for. Meanwhile, use this same time to ask everyone if there is something that they could improve upon or do better tomorrow.

Make yourself be the model. Children learn what they see, not what you say. Keep a gratitude journal. 【小题3】 Let their first entry (日记的一则) be the ABC’s of gratitude, naming one thing for each letter that they are grateful for.

Write thank-you notes. We live in a time when we communicate through text messages, Twitter, and Facebook. Show children the value of writing a thank- you note by hand. 【小题4】

Put together a “care package” of donations (捐赠物) for an orphanage nearby. In the season of giving, teaching your child to share his blessings with those less fortunate can be a valuable lesson in gratitude. Use the activity as a jump-off point.

Gratitude isn’t “taught” overnight, and it is certainly not something that children of a young age can grasp at the start. 【小题5】 Being grateful is something our kids begin to understand when we act as the model. Grateful kids come from grateful parents.

A.Create a routine of giving thanks.
B.Teach them to write it frequently.
C.Let them create their own thank-you cards.
D.The means of showing gratitude is important.
E.Parents prepare enough cards for their children.
F.Share what you are grateful for with your children.
G.It’s a time when we reflect on and count our blessings.


短文改错 | 较易(0.85) | 2019·全国·高二课时练习
8. 短文改错

Last Sunday, I go to the Beijing Olympic Forest Park with my friend Chris. As soon as we got there, we were so attracting by the breathtaking scenery that we couldn’t help take many photos to record the beautiful moments. As we walked on, we noticed a kite hanging up on a branch, but its owner, little boy, was too short to get it down. The boy looked worried but we decided to help him. Unlucky, the kite was also beyond their reach. Then we looked around and found a slick, with that we got the kite down. We gave the kite away back to the boy. He was very delightful and thanked us for what we did.



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