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短文改错 | 一般(0.65) | 2022·全国·高三专题练习
1 . 短文改错

I would like to talk about my favorite sport, running. I only take it up a few months ago thanks to my colleagues whom are professional runners. I spend more than two hours run every afternoon. There are several reasons why I am fond this sport. First, it is the pretty cheap and easy sport to try. All I need is a pair of running shoes. Second, this is a sport that can bring us some new friends. Third, since I started this sport I have hardly caught any more common health issue like fever, flu, or cold. What’s more, I can show higher productivity than before and work for longer hours without feeling tiring. All in all, I recommend that everyone tries this sport.

短文改错 | 一般(0.65) | 2022·全国·高三专题练习
2 . 短文改错

We all know that cycling is a greatly exercise. A doctor tells me people who lives the longest are dancers and cyclists. Maybe it is because the combination of fresh air, smooth movement and exercise. Whether you ride a bicycle, you don’t use petrol. So they are not producing carbon dioxide and not cause air pollution. Just see how cars have been taken over our cities. They often run at high speeds, what may put our lives in danger. And there were traffic jams, too. Our cities will be better places if we replace cars with bicycle.

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3 .
A.The man doesn’t enjoy swimming.
B.The woman swims as well as the man does.
C.The man learned to swim at an early age.
D.The woman doesn’t have time to learn swimming.
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4 .
A.Indoor games and outdoor games.
B.Individual drills.
C.Hobbies and interests.
D.Forms of exercise.
阅读理解 | 一般(0.65) | 2021·河北·沧县中学高二阶段练习

5 . It was a cool early morning of the winter season. I was excited to start my morning walk. Every day I promised myself that I would start ‘ walking exercise ’ but it never happened. I saw so many people were engaged in this amazing habit but I could never push myself. So that day I was determined to take the golden opportunity!

I got everything ready, my shoes, socks, hand glove, and jacket, etc from the previous night. I didn’t know why 1 felt as if I were going to do some expedition (探险)! I was ready and started walking on the lonely road. The outside temperature seemed to be below 18 degrees. But I enjoyed the fresh air. Probably that day I was the only one who was walking on the road at that time. I think I was too early but anyhow I loved it!

After a few yards were covered, I felt delighted! Huge banyan trees (菩提树) were on both the roadsides. It was so calm and quiet all around except randomly the chirping (鸟鸣) sound of the little birds was repeated in the air. On one side of the road, a small pond was there. Since it was my first walking exercise, I thought to take a little rest just near the bank of the river and then continue. The sun was moving closer to the horizon scattering colors to the sky.

As the sky started shining brightly with beautiful yellow and red light like every day before the sunrise, I left that place and ended my journey furthermore. I thought to myself that the next day I would increase my exercise a little more. I turned and leisurely walked down towards my home.

【小题1】What kind of person is the author according to the first paragraph?
A.A bit lazy.B.Quite smart.
C.Very easygoing.D.Challenge-loving.
【小题2】Why didn’t the author see other people while walking on the road?
A.Because the road was far away from the city.
B.Because no one took interest in walking here.
C.Because the expedition was very dangerous.
D.Because it was still too early in the morning.
【小题3】What the function of the third paragraph in the passage?
A.To lead in the main topic.
B.To show the joys of morning walking.
C.To persuade readers to take walking exercise.
D.To prove that the author wasn’t ready for the exercise.
【小题4】What would the author probably do the next day?
A.To take a different walking route.B.To stay at home and get some rest.
C.To increase his walking exercise.D.To go camping by the lake.
短对话 | 容易(0.94) | 2021·河北·沧县中学高二阶段练习
6 . What makes half the class unable to do all the exercise according to the man?
A.Their laziness.
B.Their poor physical condition.
C.The teacher’s improper instructions.
七选五 | 一般(0.65) | 2022·浙江·杭十四中高一期末

7 . Danielle Waterman, an English woman rugby (橄榄球) player is interviewed and talks about her experience and opinions about the sport.

Having two older brothers taught me a lot about survival. 【小题1】 We’d play rugby together and if I wanted to play against my brothers, who I looked up to, I had to be good enough. It made me determined.

I was lucky to have supportive parents, especially my mother, who was my role model. 【小题2】 It’s different now, with lots of amazing women in British sport as positive examples to young girls. The situation for women’s sport has improved, but there’s a long way to go. The regularity of male sport allows the public to be familiar with teams and players. 【小题3】

A few years ago, I got hurt in my knee and was told I couldn’t play again. 【小题4】 That’s when I really recognized the challenges I was facing mentally, as well as coping with my physical pain. No matter how much I trained, I wouldn’t improve unless I was happier and more confident. I realized I needed to get help for my mental health. Without that support, I wouldn’t have played again.

【小题5】 When I was injured, my immediate reaction was, ‘I need to keep going.’ I’ve built up strong will but it’s basically because I love what I do. When I play rugby, I work with other people, deal with failure and overcome difficulties - all these make me open-minded and determined. Rugby develops confidence in me around achieving and self-belief.

A.That’s what women’s sport needs.
B.Sometimes I did feel different to other girls.
C.I never thought of myself as different from them.
D.Playing rugby is my passion, and it enriches me.
E.However, I decided to insist on and to get to the Olympics.
F.As well as the physical side, the sport also leads me to a happy life.
G.There weren’t many female role models in sport when I was growing up.
其他 | 一般(0.65) | 2022·全国·高三

8 . ...We spoke our own language. And my favorite: Safe. Safe meant cool. It meant hello. It meant don’t worry about it. Once, when trying a certain trick on the beam(横杆), I fell onto the stones, damaging a nerve in my hand,and Toby came over, helping me up: Safe, man, Safe. A few minutes later,when I landed the trick,my friends beat their boards loud, shouting: “Safe! Safe! Safe!” And that’s what mattered-landing tricks, being a good skater.

What do the underlined words “Safe! Safe! Safe!” probably mean?
A.Be careful!B.Well done!C.No way!D.Don’t worry!
开放性作文 | 困难(0.15) | 2022·北京市八一中学高二阶段练习
9 . 上周五下午,来自英国友好学校的中学生足球队与你校校队在学校操场上进行了一场友谊赛。请你给校园英文报写一篇报道。
1. 比赛的时间和地点
2. 比赛的场景及结果
3. 活动的意义
注意:1.词数 100 左右;
友好学校:sister school
用单词的适当形式完成短文 | 一般(0.65) | 2022·河北邢台·高二阶段练习
10 . 阅读下面短文, 在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

Ever since joining China’s fitness craze, singer and composer Liu Genghong 【小题1】 (do) well for himself in terms of his social media following. In recent news, Liu’s workout livestream on Douyin has taken the internet 【小题2】 storm. Data shows that his Douyin account has gained more than 10 million followers in the past month.

Best known as the father of Puff (his daughter’s nickname), 【小题3】 participated in the variety show Where Are We Going, Dad?, the buff celebrity makes his enthusiasm for fitness known by 【小题4】 (public) showing his muscles. He even trains his celebrity friends Jay Chou.

In his livestreams, Liu and his wife appear 【小题5】 (energy), friendly, happy and super fit. They exercise and dance to up-beat songs while explaining and showing their moves, often 【小题6】 (encourage) those to participate from their own living rooms.

Although Liu’s dance moves look simple, they are often too intense for his audience 【小题7】 (follow). The main reason for this is Liu’s carefully 【小题8】 (choose) playlist: Jay Chou songs often serve as his background music. One of his most-watched fitness routines is set to ‘Herbalist Manual’(《本草纲目》)from Jay Chou’s album. One netizen joked. “I want to slap (拍)my leg whenever I hear 【小题9】 song now. ”

Some netizens admitted to switching their fitness idol Pamela Reif to Liu, with some even calling 【小题10】 (them) ‘Liu Genghong boys or girls. ’