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1 . Against all our wishes, advertising works, which is why, even in hard economic times, Madison Avenue is a $34-billion-a-year business. And if Martin Lindstrom, a marketing consultant is correct, trying to _______ the advertisement is about to get especially hard.

83% of all forms of advertising principally _______ only one of our senses: sight. Hearing, however, can be just as powerful, though advertisers have taken only limited advantage of it. Historically, ads have relied on slogans(广告语)to catch our ear, _______ everyday sounds — a steak sizzling(发嘶嘶声), a baby laughing and other sounds we can't help paying attention to. Weave these everyday sounds into an ad campaign and we customers may be _______ to resist them.

According to Lindstrom, the everyday sound that is most impressive, both in terms of interest and _______ feelings, is a baby laughing. The other high-ranking sounds are also powerful — the sound of a car engine or a soda being poured.

In all of these cases, it doesn’t need an experienced advertisement designer to invent the sounds, associate them with meanings and then play them over and over until the subjects _______ them. Rather, the everyday sounds already have meanings and thus can cause a kind of _______ : hunger, thirst or happy expectation.

Some TV ads have already given viewers close-up shots of meat with sizzling sounds. And retailers are _______ . Lindstrom is now consulting with clients, intending to pipe the sound of filtering coffee or fizzing soda into the drink department or that of a baby laughing sound into the baby-food section.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that advertisers can just press the audio button _______ and consumers will come eagerly. Indeed, sometimes customers flee. In the early years of cell-phone use, the ringtone (铃音) of a famous cell phone brand was recognized by many people in the U.K., but soon it became widely ________ . That, Lindstrom says, was partly because so few users observed cell-phone manners and ________ accidents kept happening in places like movie theaters. The computer start-up sound has taken on the similarly negative ________ , because people so often hear it when they’re restarting the computer after it ________ . In these cases, manufacturers themselves may as well revise the bothersome sound or ________ it entirely.

Lindstrom's experiment also shows that people respond to a sound better when it’s ________ . If nothing else, smart marketers may at least keep the volume low.

A.tune outB.admit toC.depend onD.take over
A.following suitB.cooling downC.losing heartD.taking risks
A.on guardB.with easeC.under wayD.in reality
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2 . 听下面一段较长对话,回答以下小题。
【小题1】What does the man like about YouTube?
A.Watching funny videos.
B.Learning about the special TV channels.
C.Putting his own videos on the website.
【小题2】What kind of meals do the guys make in Epic Meal Time?
A.Low fat meals.B.Unhealthy meals.C.Vegetarian meals.
【小题3】What happens to the meals in the end?
A.They are tasted by the audience.
B.They are given to the homeless.
C.They are eaten by the cooks and their friends.
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3 . How to know how much to tip?

New rules of gratuities

The current situation has been particularly hard on people who work for tips. Some haven’t been able to do their jobs at all, while others don’t interact with customers the same way as it used to be. In either case, “Tips dried up, causing a lot of people to suffer,” says Toni Dupree, a professional etiquette coach.

Meanwhile, many customers felt the need to tip more because of the new risks and hardships that essential service workers suddenly faced.

Just as many services have changed, so should tipping, says Lisa Grotts, author of several etiquette books. Some old standards no longer seem fair, and several newer ones will apply long after the pandemic is over.

Some new rules of tipping that are likely here to stay:

Give more if you can.

It’s common for tips to be divided between all the workers at a store or restaurant, not just those who interact directly with customers. So giving generously ensures a fairer tip for all.

Think outside the (cash) box.

You can also “tip” with a thank-you note or a homemade gift when a business (or your budget) doesn’t permit gratuities. Consider writing a review online, making sure to name names.

As for specific situations, here’s what the experts recommend:

Restaurant workers
Old rule: Leave a tip only when you dine in.
New rule: Always tip, even for takeout.
Tip: 15 to 20 percent when you dine in, and 10 to 15 percent on takeout or delivery orders.
Old rule: $1 per drink.
New rule: Give more, and tip after each round since bartenders often split tips with everyone on their shift.
Tip: $2 per drink, or 10 to 15 percent of the total tab.
Personal shoppers
Old rule: N/A. Many of these services, such as grocery pickup, are newer.
New rule: Tip, and do it in the app, since you are unlikely to interact directly with your shopper.
Tip: 10 to 15 percent. If a tip is already included, add a few dollars extra.
Package delivery drivers
Old rule: Don’t tip.
New rule: Show appreciation if you get deliveries more than once a week.
Tip: Drinks, snacks, or $5 to $20 if a package is particularly heavy or large. Postal workers cannot accept cash or gifts worth more than $50 per year. UPS tells drivers to decline tips unless a customer insists. And FedEx prohibits employees from accepting cash or cash equivalents (such as gift cards).
Ride-share drivers
Old rule: Tip in cash.
New rule: Ask your driver. The Lyft and Uber apps let you add gratuities, but some drivers prefer cash.
Tip: 15 to 20 percent.
Old rule: 10 percent.
New rule: Extra cleaning protocols mean extra work. Acknowledge that with a bigger tip.
Tip: 15 to 20 percent, plus $5 to $10 for an assistant who shampoos your hair.
Hotel housekeepers
Old rule: Tip at the end of your stay.
New rule: Many hotels now do housekeeping by request only, so tip every time you ask them to come.
Tip: A few dollars per night, plus $5 for any extra requests, such as asking for additional toiletries.

Next time you’re unsure whether a gratuity is in order, follow this simple rule: When in doubt, tip. The novelist George Eliot asked, “What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?” Dupree adds: “Tipping well is one way to make things easier for someone else.”

【小题1】According to the experts, tipping rules has been changing because of ________.
A.the attempt of not trying to be cheap as a customer
B.the significant improvement in living standards
C.the hardships service workers suddenly faced during pandemic
D.our always being waited on in all aspects of life
【小题2】Which of the following statements about tips is TRUE?
A.Tips are only for the one who serves you in a restaurant.
B.FedEx employees are happy to get apple store gift cards for tips.
C.If the cost of hairstyling is $30, the total tips are supposed to be about $10.
D.Personal shoppers should tip 10 to 15 percent of the total bill in cash.
【小题3】The underlined word “gratuities” probably means ________.

4 . In this digital age, information is increasingly digitized through the wide use of technology. Newspapers, magazines and even textbooks are becoming or expected to be digital soon. However, despite the sharp increase of such technology in daily life, print media is far from becoming unnecessary. I don’t think that reading in print is a dying mode.

Firstly, print offers a super reading experience. The feeling of holding a book in our hands, feeling its weight and turning over its pages, helps us to be immersed in and engaged fully with the material. The act of turning over pages also helps to direct ourselves in the concepts and structure of the text. In contrast, reading through a number of pages on a device is unsatisfying, and we can lose track of how much we have read. In addition, the artificial glow of digital screens tires one’s eyes out, and can even affect one’s sleep.

Moreover, physical copies express greater aesthetic (审美的) beauty than digital ones. The designs that beautify book covers and spines make the ideas complete and add beauty to our homes as well. The wrinkles that have accumulated over time leave us with an emotional attachment to the books themselves. Furthermore, the presentation of content in print also allows for greater appreciation of imagery (意象). In contrast to the restrictions of digital screens, the tangible (可触摸的) nature of print allows for clear imagery that is clear and impactful in its presence.

Advocates of digital print support the convenience of the medium. Indeed, e-readers   provide a convenient solution to storage and transportation. However, this carries its own weaknesses as well. For one, the use of digital media requires the investment in a smart device. For another, taking notes on the printed text is easier.

In conclusion, despite the conveniences afforded by digital media, physical print still remains a popular mode of reading today. The “less is more” nature of print media remains its strongest selling point today.

【小题1】Which of the following is true according to paragraph 2?
A.Too much digital reading will not influence our health.
B.Turning over pages helps to completely understand the texts.
C.Reading in print offers readers full engagement with materials.
D.Readers can exactly know how much they have read by digital reading.
【小题2】Where does the greater aesthetic beauty of physical copies lie?
A.A clear imagery.B.Abundant ideas.
C.Emotional dependence.D.Convenience of transportation.
【小题3】What’s the main purpose of the text?
A.To popularize two types of reading modes.
B.To persuade people to enjoy digital reading.
C.To inform people of a new trend in reading.
D.To argue why reading in print will not disappear.
【小题4】The author states the opinion by _________.
A.using examplesB.making a comparison
C.asking and answering questionsD.analyzing causes and effects
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5 . Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

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6 . If you were planning to buy a television set, the following advertisement would certainly draw your attention: “Color TV. Only $79. Two days sale. Hurry.” However, when you go to the store ready to buy, you may discover that they are sold out. But the shop assistant is quick to tell you that he has another model. A much better set which is “just right for you”. It costs $395. This sales method is called “bait and switch”. Buyers are baited with a sales advertisement, and then they are switched to another more expensive one.

The paragraph could be entitled _________.
A.Buying A TV SetB.A Selling Method
C.Buyer BewareD.TV On Sale
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7 . 语法填空

Using social media too much and posting many selfies (自拍) 【小题1】 (cause) a rise in narcissism (自恋) since the social media became popular, according to a newly published study. Narcissism is when someone becomes very 【小题2】 (self) and believes they are very talented and beautiful. They need attention from other people, 【小题3】 (think) they are better than everyone else. Researchers found that heavy users of social media like Facebook showed a 25% rise in narcissism in just four months. They studied how 74 people【小题4】 (age) 18 to 34 used social media and looked at how their personalities changed. They said that posting selfies seemed to increase more levels of narcissism 【小题5】 text-messaging.

Professor Phil Reed, who is from 【小题6】 Department of Psychology at Swansea University, said: “There have been suggestions of links 【小题7】 narcissism and the use of selfies on social media, but until this study, it wasn’t known if【小题8】 (use) such platforms is related to the growth in narcissism. The results of this study suggest that posting selfies can increase narcissism.” Professor Reed said that “nearly 20% of people may develop narcissism” because they want attention and 【小题9】 (approve) from others after posting a selfie. They also want to show others their life is 【小题10】 (good) and that they are more beautiful or attractive.

8 . 听下面一段独白,回答以下小题。
【小题1】What can people see on Tuesday in the main hall?
A.Computers.B.Models of vehicles.C.Musical instruments.
【小题2】At what time does Double Trouble start?
A.7:45 p.m.B.8:00 p.m.C.8:30 p.m.
【小题3】Which event has to be postponed?
A.An exhibition.B.A conference.C.A play.
【小题4】What is the good news for Storm Warning fans?
A.They will talk with the band face to face.
B.They will have the chance to see the band next year.
C.They can watch the band’s concert at a lower price.
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9 .

Welcome to the official Louvre online sales site

The Musée du Louvre is reopening and we are glad to be able to welcome you back again. In line with the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, visitors will be required to wear a mask. According to government recommendations, all visitors to the Louvre aged 12 years and two months or older must show a Health Pass. All visitors, including those entitled to free admission, must book a time period. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Individual tickets for the Museum

Admission and reservation of a time period to access the permanent collections.

Tickets valid for the selected date only. Full list of visitors entitled to free admission at Louvre.fr.

General admission: €18

The Musée du Louvre is open every day — except Tuesdays, January 1, May 1 and December 25 — from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visitors will be asked to leave the exhibition rooms 30 minutes before closure.

All tickets purchased online are time-stamped and nominative (记名的); you may therefore be asked to provide proof of identity.

They are only valid for the service, date and time selected. They cannot be used to skip the queue but do guarantee access to the museum within half an hour of the time shown on the ticket. Any holder of an online ticket who does not arrive within the assigned time period for admission to the museum shall be subject to the same admission and waiting conditions as visitors without tickets.

Visitors entitled to free admission (other than Louvre members)
— Under 18s, proof of ID required
— 16-25 year-old residents of the European Economic Area (European Union, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein), proof of ID and residency required
— Teachers working in France, valid “ Pass Education ” required
— Teachers of art, art history or the applied arts, valid proof of employment stating subject taught required
— Artists with the Maison des Artistes or International Association of Art, valid proof required
— Jobseekers, valid proof and ID required (dated within the last year or indicating a period of validity)
— Disabled visitors and the person accompanying them

【小题1】What rules should visitors follow when visiting the Musée du Louvre?
A.All visitors have to show a Health Pass before entering the Musée du Louvre.
B.Masks must be worn to keep COVID-19 from spreading during the visit.
C.Only visitors with free admission need to book a time period in advance.
D.Visitors can’t stay in the museum overnight without official permission.
【小题2】This passage mainly aims at ________.
A.introducing the exhibits at the LouvreB.providing ticketing information of the Louvre
C.listing restrictions on admission to the LouvreD.illustrating the services provided at the Louvre
【小题3】If a family in Norway, including the wife, an art teacher, the husband, an IT engineer, and a 10-year-old son, want to visit the Louvre this weekend, they should pay at least ________ in all.
【小题4】What can be learned about the Louvre from the passage?
A.It is open every day except on Tuesdays.
B.Its online tickets ensure access to it at any time.
C.Proof of ID is required for anyone buying its tickets online.
D.Ticket holders may be refused to enter it if arriving an hour late.
【小题5】Where can you probably find the passage?
A.In a travel guide.B.In a geography book.
C.In job advertisement.D.In a documentary article.
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10 .

Welcome to Made-in-China website!

Tea pot
Color: White
Price: ¥ 120
Delivery (递送)time: 10 work days after received 30% payment. Tea pots with good quality. And the best gift for your friends or your family.
Color: Black-and white
Price: ¥ 280 (¥ 520 for two on Women's Day)
Delivery time: 7 days after confirmation (认证)
We have our own designers. Our new styles may satisfy(使......满意)you.
2020 Newly Children Bicycle
Color: Blue
Price: ¥ 240 (20% off on Children's Day)
Delivery time: 5 days after confirmation
With a basket for children aged from 3-7
New Design Fashion Button
Color: All kinds of colors
Price: ¥ 1.00 (¥9 for ten)
Delivery time: 3 days after confirmation
New and popular designs, you can dye(染色) them into different colors if you like.

【小题1】Where can you buy these things according to the ad?
A.In a mall.B.In a shop.C.In a supermarket.D.On the Internet.
【小题2】The best birthday gift for your grandpa is ________.
A.some buttonsB.a tea potC.a handbagD.a children bicycle
【小题3】If you have ¥ 400, you can buy ________.
A.a tea pot and a handbagB.two handbags
C.a handbag and a bicycleD.500 buttons