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1 . 听下面一段独白,回答以下小题。
【小题1】 Which of the following can prove the air quality in Britain has improved in the last 30 years?
A.Total emissions of smoke in the air have been controlled within 85% since 1960.
B.The dense “ smogs ” of the 1950s haven’t appeared again in major cities except London.
C.Winter sunshine has increased by 70% or so since the late 1950s in central London.
D.The government has successfully taken measures to reduce emissions from new vehicles.
【小题2】What is a new concern for the British people mentioned in the passage?
A.The possible impact of dense “ smogs ” on health.
B.The emissions from a larger number of motor vehicles.
C.The new vehicles adopted to reduce extensively emissions.
D.The pollutants produced by new vehicles and factories.
【小题3】According to the passage, what can be inferred about the Environment Act?
A.It promotes air quality management by structuring a new framework.
B.It provides a national project containing air quality targets for the year 2050.
C.It suggests local institutions bear the duty to monitor air quality in their boundaries.
D.It includes pilot schemes to be taken forward in 40 areas before full implementation.
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2 .
A.Narrow down his theme.B.Revise his paper carefully.
C.Focus on the paper.D.Cover more topics.
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3 . Suddenly screams echo through the forest as alarmed animals warn each other of a predator’s (食肉动物) approach. Lying on my stomach with my camera in front of me, I’ve been watching a nearby stream for hours, waiting. This may be it!

Yes! A 380-pound lioness steps from the trees, heading towards the stream. She crouches (蹲伏) down to drink. She’s only 50 yards away. She stands up and begins to walk towards me, not knowing I’m there. When she’s just about 20 yards away, I move my camera slightly. I don’t want to shock or panic her. She freezes for a moment, then take a crouching position and continues towards me. I’m thinking, “Uh-oh, I’m about to become cat food!” I’ve approached lions before, but now the lion approaches me.

If I stand up and yell, will she leave? Maybe not. If I stand up and run, will she chase me? Probably! So I decided to stay put.

The lioness comes closer. Now she’s only about four yards from me—the closest distance that still allows me to focus my camera lens. Surprisingly, she lies down, posing like a statue in front of me. This makes me feel very small and humble (卑微的). Then she rolls over and looks at me upside down! She seems a little puzzled and appears to be trying to figure me out —Hmm, are you suitable to be eaten? You don’t look dangerous.

Breathe slowly, I remind myself, with my heart beating fast. I carefully back up my tripod (三脚架) just a bit to focus and shoot the picture. Suddenly, she leaps up. In a flash, she runs away, leaving me overwhelmed with emotion.

Getting this photograph took a long time. I spent two years waiting for a permit to track the extremely rare Asiatic lions in the Gir Forest of India and spent three months on foot searching for them. The experience felt like a gift from the forest.

【小题1】After coming close to the author, the lioness ________.
A.pretends to be dead
B.stays and then goes away
C.tries to find the moment to attack him
D.recognizes the author and stares at him.
【小题2】What do we know about the author?
A.He used to live in the forest.
B.He stops working when he sees the lioness.
C.He makes great efforts to get the photograph.
D.He congratulates himself upon his narrow escape.
【小题3】The underlined words stay put in Paragraph 3 probably mean ________.
A.step forwardB.stand up
C.stay stillD.put off
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4 . In his speech, Eric Whitacre shared stories of how his original compositions became ________ ________(深受……欢迎) singers and listeners and how it ________ ________(导致) the creation of the virtual choir. (根据汉语提示完成句子)
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5 . Ireland, ________ ________ ________ (被称作) the “Emerald Isle”, has beautiful and peaceful landscape, which is a ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ (名副其实的视觉盛宴). (根据汉语提示完成句子)
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6 . The on-site museum with the Qin Shihuang Tomb ________ (locate) in Lintong County, five kilometres east of Xi’an. (所给词的适当形式填空)
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7 . 阅读下面短文,在标有序号的空白处填入一个适当的词,或填入括号中单词的正确形式。

Music can be a good form of therapy. It is actually used as a tool to help those with Alzheimer’s (阿尔茨海默氏症) remember very special memories and 【小题1】 (event).

Marta C. Gonzalez, 【小题2】 was a ballerina (芭蕾舞女演员) in the 1960s, danced to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake hundreds of times during her career. But later in life, Alzheimer’s stole these 【小题3】 (beauty) memories from her.

In a popular video 【小题4】(upload) onto YouTube, Marta remembered she was once a dancer. You can see her face light up when the music begins to play. Her hands move 【小题5】 (graceful) to the song, and you can see her go into her happy place. As a person with Alzheimer’s, Marta really 【小题6】 (struggle) with short-term memory. But through music therapy, she 【小题7】 (take), even for a brief moment, to a happier time. The video ended with a photo of Marta in 1967, 【小题8】 (wear) her ballerina costume. It was so touching that all the audience clapped for her 【小题9】 (perform).

Marta died in 2019. A Spanish music therapy group called Música para Despertar filmed the video before her death but didn’t share it 【小题10】 recently. And the incredible video quickly took off!

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8 . Silbo Gomero is an ancient language of whistle that enabled people to communicate across long distances before the invention of the telephone or the computer. It’s now being revived on mountainous Canary Islands and the island of La Gomera, where the usual language is Spanish.

The Canary Islands government is providing funding to help school children on La Gomera to learn this ancient whistling language as part of their heritage. It sounds like birdsongs and was developed thousands of years ago by islanders to enable them to communicate up to two miles across La Gomera’s valleys.

In the past, Silbo Gomero has been passed down from parent to child, but the islanders felt embarrassed at this form of communication when they came into contact with the outside world and modern technology. It started to die out when the telephone arrived and the island open to tourism. However, the government realized what was happening and decided to make sure that it would not be lost. So, since 1999 Silbo Gomero has been part of the school curriculum and now about 3,000 Gomero children spend at least 25 minutes a week learning it. This is enough time for the basics to be learned.

Probably originating in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, the language was brought to the island by settlers 2,500 years ago. It was adapted to Spanish speech patterns, but uses tones rather than vowels and consonants (辅音). These are whistled at different frequencies (频率) to produce over 4,000 words, making proper conversations possible.

The importance of the language is growing. In 2003 the island held the first International Congress of Whistled Languages. Research is now being carried out in all places to which Gomerans have traditionally emigrated (移居国外) and where forms of the language survive. The Canary government’s Historical Heritage Department hopes to attract outside support so that it will continue.

【小题1】According to the passage, which of the following is the reason for the disappearing of Silbo Gomero?
A.The limited vocabulary.
B.The arrival of modern technology.
C.Gomerans’ traditional emigration.
D.Its complex speech patterns.
【小题2】What do we know about Silbo Gomero?
A.It originated in the island of La Gomero.
B.It was adapted to English speech pattern.
C.It was developed for long-distance communication.
D.It has more than 4,000 words made up of vowels and consonants.
【小题3】In order to save Silbo Gomero, ________.
A.the local government provides financial help
B.students spend 25 minutes daily learning it
C.the islanders begin to do research where it originated
D.the islanders frequently use it to communicate with the outside world
【小题4】What is the purpose of the text?
A.To call on people to protect cultural heritage.
B.To advertise for La Gomera.
C.To promote the use of Silbo Gomero.
D.To introduce the dying language Silbo Gomero.
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9 . 听下面一段独白,回答以下小题。
【小题1】What is the main topic of the talk?
A.Crop harvest.B.Hot weather.C.Food quality.
【小题2】What is the quantity of corn production?
A.The same as last year.
B.Twice as much as last year.
C.Three times as much as last year.
【小题3】Which crop is disappointing this year?
【小题4】What is the disadvantage of a big harvest?
A.Profits are lower.
B.Quality is lower.
C.Prices are lower.
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10 . 汉译英
【小题1】stick ________ 坚持 ________ principles坚持原则
【小题2】aim ________ 力争做某事 aim________ 旨在做某事,目的是做某事
【小题3】professional a./n.     ________ n.
【小题4】poster n.     ________ n./v.
【小题5】in exchange ________ 作为……的交换 exchange sth. for sth with sb 和某人交换某物
【小题6】be ________ on 对……严格
【小题7】make ________ to 对……做出贡献 contribute ________对……做出贡献;促成,导致
【小题8】fortunately ad.     unfortunately ad.       fortune n.     ________ a.     unfortunate a.
【小题10】attract v.     ________ n.   ________ a.