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1 . Suddenly screams echo through the forest as alarmed animals warn each other of a predator’s (食肉动物) approach. Lying on my stomach with my camera in front of me, I’ve been watching a nearby stream for hours, waiting. This may be it!

Yes! A 380-pound lioness steps from the trees, heading towards the stream. She crouches (蹲伏) down to drink. She’s only 50 yards away. She stands up and begins to walk towards me, not knowing I’m there. When she’s just about 20 yards away, I move my camera slightly. I don’t want to shock or panic her. She freezes for a moment, then take a crouching position and continues towards me. I’m thinking, “Uh-oh, I’m about to become cat food!” I’ve approached lions before, but now the lion approaches me.

If I stand up and yell, will she leave? Maybe not. If I stand up and run, will she chase me? Probably! So I decided to stay put.

The lioness comes closer. Now she’s only about four yards from me—the closest distance that still allows me to focus my camera lens. Surprisingly, she lies down, posing like a statue in front of me. This makes me feel very small and humble (卑微的). Then she rolls over and looks at me upside down! She seems a little puzzled and appears to be trying to figure me out —Hmm, are you suitable to be eaten? You don’t look dangerous.

Breathe slowly, I remind myself, with my heart beating fast. I carefully back up my tripod (三脚架) just a bit to focus and shoot the picture. Suddenly, she leaps up. In a flash, she runs away, leaving me overwhelmed with emotion.

Getting this photograph took a long time. I spent two years waiting for a permit to track the extremely rare Asiatic lions in the Gir Forest of India and spent three months on foot searching for them. The experience felt like a gift from the forest.

【小题1】After coming close to the author, the lioness ________.
A.pretends to be dead
B.stays and then goes away
C.tries to find the moment to attack him
D.recognizes the author and stares at him.
【小题2】What do we know about the author?
A.He used to live in the forest.
B.He stops working when he sees the lioness.
C.He makes great efforts to get the photograph.
D.He congratulates himself upon his narrow escape.
【小题3】The underlined words stay put in Paragraph 3 probably mean ________.
A.step forwardB.stand up
C.stay stillD.put off
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2 . While I was standing at the kitchen window, five-year-old Spencer, my oldest son, ran into the house ________, “We need a doctor out there! We need a doctor! Hurry, Mom!” “What’s wrong?” I asked. Spencer anxiously told me he had found a dead bird that needed a doctor.

Dutifully (顺从地), I seized a small plastic bag from the cupboard and took Spencer’s hand — ________, that’s the sort of thing mothers do! While my son led me out of the door and ________ the bird, I explained that if the creature was indeed dead, a doctor could not ________. When we arrived at the ________ scene, it was obvious that the baby bird was dead. Spencer and I could see the nest high up in the tree. My son and I ________ the probable age of the baby bird, its inability to fly well, and exactly how the ________ had caused its death. “I think his mommy and daddy would really ________ him,” Spencer observed. I ________ my boy’s hand and tried to ease his ________ by saying I was sure they did, ________ they would be okay because the little bird had gone to Heaven to be with God and PoPo (my grandfather who had died). I assured Spencer that the bird’s mommy and daddy knew that their little one would be ________ and loved. I told Spencer that PoPo loved little birds and that I was ________ he was in Heaven holding and playing with the baby bird ________. I picked up the little creature’s body, slipped it into my plastic bag and ________ placed the bird in the rubbish bin. ________ was said about the matter for the rest of the day. Spencer went right back to play ________ he had never been interrupted, and I returned to my work in the kitchen.

At breakfast the next morning, Spencer sadly explained to his father that he had found a baby bird the day before that had fallen from its nest.

“It was dead, Daddy!”

Trying to ________ Spencer’s spirits and remind him that the little bird was really ________, I asked our son to tell Daddy ________ the baby bird was. Spencer, looking solemn-faced at his dad, stated, “In the rubbish bin with Mama’s granddad, PoPo.”

A.after allB.in factC.at leastD.by chance
A.reached forB.picked upC.turned toD.looked at
A.and thatB.but thatC.and soonD.and then
A.taken careB.cared forC.taken afterD.looked for
A.from now onB.now and thenC.right nowD.right then
A.Everything thatB.Something thatC.Nothing elseD.Nobody else
A.andB.becauseC.as ifD.even though
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3 . Before the break of dawn, Simon was already standing on the shore watching the sea intensely for any signs of a coming storm. Despite learning from the weather forecast the likelihood of a violent storm, he didn’t change his mind about starting his weekly fishing trip. After checking for the third time that he had brought with him what he needed, Simon got onto his boat and sailed into the vast blue sea. Before long, he was anchoring(固定)his boat in the middle of the sea. Satisfied with the spot, he cast his net, hoping for a good catch.

Simon then relaxed on the deck and watched the sun rising slowly above the horizon. “One can never trust the weather station,” he said, but he had said it too soon. At that moment, there was a sudden strike of lightning, followed by a shout of thunder. The entire sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds. Wave after wave rolled up, hitting his boat and sending it rocking violently sideways. A sense of hopelessness drowned him but when images of his family flashed across his mind, he knew what he had to do. In double-quick time, he cut off the fishing lines and dumped his fishing equipment into the sea. Eventually, the storm eased and the waves died down.

To make matters worse, the boat engine died. As he was many kilometres offshore, the only likely rescue was to be spotted by a boat. But who would be out at sea in such horrible weather except him? That made Simon regret his earlier decision again.

Exhausted, Simon soon drifted off to sleep. When he awoke, the sun had already risen. Simon had lost track of time and location. Sighing, he stood on the deck, staring out hopefully. Then he spotted it. He dived into the water and swam towards the island a few metres ahead of him. When Simon reached land, he was too weak to stand on his legs. Fortunately, a kind-hearted man helped him up and contacted his family. Though Simon emerged from the nightmare unhurt, the fateful day remained forever in his mind. Neglecting the weather forecast, he paid a heavy price. He then learnt that everyone should respect science and be more mindful of his decision.

【小题1】Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
A.Not informed of the weather forecast, Simon went fishing as planned.
B.Simon lost his fishing equipment because it was blown off by the wind.
C.Love for his family made him take action trying to save himself.
D.Though he was finally saved, he was hurt badly.
【小题2】What did he see after he woke up?
A.Another boat ready to drag his boat.B.A rescue team sent by his family.
C.A new boat engine to be equipped on his boat.D.An island not far from his boat.
【小题3】What mainly caused him to meet with such a horrible event?
A.He was too confident of his ability to deal with the rescue team.
B.He ignored storm forecast and went fishing anyway.
C.His fishing equipment was too heavy for his boat.
D.He positioned his boat in a wrong location in the sea.
【小题4】What is the passage mainly about?
A.A smooth fishing trip a fisherman used to have.
B.A terrible accident a fisherman experienced and how he survived.
C.The hardships a man has to handle when going fishing.
D.Ways to seek help in dangerous situations in life.
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4 . Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the blanks to make the passage coherent. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word. For the other blanks, fill in each blank with one proper word. Make sure that your answers are grammatically correct.

A positive influencer

Compared to most people with disabilities, Zhao Hongcheng is lucky. Born in 1990, a wheelchair 【小题1】 (be) part of Zhao’s life since she was 1 year old due to a disease. However, it did not stop her from completing her college and graduate studies before becoming a white-collar worker in Shanghai, 【小题2】 her parents’ great support. And now, Zhao is a video content creator, who has over 84,000 followers on a video-sharing platform.

“I made my first video in 2019,” Zhao says, 【小题3】 (add) that it was also the year she moved to Shanghai. “My original purpose was 【小题4】 (find) an emotional outlet. I always encountered inconvenience 【小题5】 (cause) by my wheelchair when going out, which made me feel sad. However, I barely had any disabled friends, so I had no one to talk to. I felt quite lonely.”

In 2019, the rising popularity of short videos inspired Zhao. “I felt that I should make some videos of 【小题6】 I experienced in my daily life. If it went well, it could give people with disabilities references and suggestions, and if not, at least it would draw people’s attention to related issues,” Zhao says. To her great surprise, the video 【小题7】 (view) more than 2,000 times on the first day. “ 【小题8】 made me feel that there were many things worth sharing in my life, and it also gave me a sense of mission,” she explains. 【小题9】 her fourth video went viral (走红), she continued to make short videos and, in 2021, became a full-time content creator on the platform.

Yet, most people with disabilities are not as lucky as Zhao. Zhao says education and employment are the two major obstacles for the disabled group around her. In addition, the construction of accessible facilities is still at a relatively early stage. “Shanghai is the city 【小题10】 I have the best experience as a wheelchair user, but it still cannot guarantee that I can go out alone,” she says, adding that only with deep understanding and recognition can the system be implemented better.

Zhao hopes to be a bridge between the wider society and the disabled.

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5 . The student arrived early, sat front and center, and stood out in my classroom in more ways than one. I’d say that he was about 40 years older than his classmates in my undergraduate communications class. He eagerly jumped into class discussions, with his humor and wisdom of experience. And he was always respectful of the other students’ perspectives, as if each of them were a teacher. Jerry Valencia walked in with a smile — and he left with one too.

“These students gave me the confidence that I didn’t need to feel bad about my age,” Valencia says.

One day, I spotted Valencia on campus. He said he would have to stop taking classes that semester and reapply for next year. By then, he hoped to have earned enough money from construction jobs and have his student-loan papers in order. But he said he was still coming to campus to attend events or see friends. He asked seriously whether he could still sit in on my communications class.

Sure, I said. But he wouldn’t get any credit.

No problem, he said.

Soon there he was again, back at his old desk, front and center, jumping into our discussions on how to find and tell stories in Los Angeles — a 63-year-old man with as much energy and curiosity as any of the youngsters in class. For an assignment on changing neighborhoods, Valencia wrote about a favorite local chain restaurant that was “unceremoniously closed.” He called it a theft of childhood. “It is almost as if someone has stolen that childhood and rudely replaced it with a slippery hill where everything they treasure will slide away,” he wrote.

A lot of Valencia’s classmates apparently knew he couldn’t afford that semester’s tuition but was still doing the homework. “Here he is, willingly taking a class for the delight of it and benefit of learning,” says Jessica Espinosa, a 25-year-old junior. Afterward, I overheard Valencia wanted to stay in school until he earned a master’s degree, but it had taken him 12 years to finish community college, so he had a long way to go. He had earned his associate of arts degree over the summer, then transferred to LA to start on his bachelor’s.

There is something splendidly unreasonable about Valencia’s determination to get a four-year degree and then a master’s. At his current pace, he’ll be 90 when he finally hangs all that paper on the wall. But that doesn’t seem especially relevant. He’s found all the youthful energy and academic opportunity stimulating. Valencia’s grade in my class this semester will not show up on his transcripts (成绩单). But I’m giving him an A — and in the most important ways, it counts.

【小题1】What made Valencia different from his classmates according to Para. 1?
A.He was an early bird to attract other students’ attention.
B.He took pride in his age, for he often wore a smile on his face.
C.He was eager to draw his conclusion in the communications class.
D.He may often share his wise and humorous ideas in the discussion.
【小题2】According to the author, Valencia continued to attend classes because ________.
A.he got enjoyment and treasured the chance of learning
B.he needed the credits to further study a bachelor’s degree
C.he desired to attend events and have an A on his transcripts
D.he wanted to keep up with his classmates by learning hard
【小题3】Which of the following best describes Valencia?
A.Modest and independent.B.Energetic and generous.
C.Considerate and intelligent.D.Enthusiastic and motivated.
【小题4】The passage mainly tells us that________.
A.teachers like diligent and highly-motivated students
B.efforts will be paid off as long as we are determined
C.it is never too late to learn even though we start a little late
D.getting an A counts when it comes to learning at a higher level
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6 . 阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。

After suffering years with a failing liver, Brenda learned that she would need a liver transplant (肝脏移植) to survive. She was only 21 years old. She wanted to live. And by all accounts, with a healthy liver, she could survive with a healthy liver. So, the doctors placed her on a liver transplant list hoping a donor (器官捐献者) would eventually appear. Brenda waited for a full year before she received the call from her doctor that a match had been found. Thankful that a donor liver had been found, Brenda planned her transplant surgery with great excitement.

But before the procedure was performed, she received another call from her transplant surgeon at Baylor. He told Brenda about a 23-year-old woman named Susan needed a liver transplant immediately, without which she would die within 24 hours. And most importantly, the liver that was a donor match for Brenda was also a match for Susan.


The choice was up to Brenda.


Luckily, Brenda was informed four months later that another liver for her had been found.


7 . Last year, things didn’t go well to me. Like many people during the pandemic, my husband Paul, lost his job. I was working, but only part-time. I was worried about money, COVID and our future. That’s when our mailboxes really started getting to me.

I’d never liked our mailboxes much, which was already in rough shape and stood at the end of our long driveway with the paint faded and the metal pole rusted (生锈).

One day, someone had driven into the pole, which was now bent slightly. However, because the boxes could still hold the mails and the postman wasn’t complaining, there was no need to replace them. But every time I saw them lately, they reminded me of all the problems in my life.

“Lord, I wish we had better mailboxes,” I found myself thinking one day on my way to work. It was more of a passing thought than a prayer. I probably would have forgotten all about it if it were not for the news we got the next morning.

“Our neighbor just sent a message,” Paul said. “A girl drove her car right into the mailboxes, completely breaking them down.”

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“She wasn’t hurt, but really upset. Shihiem saw it happen. He said she’s just a teenager. He gave her our number and information.”

“That certainly wasn’t in the budget,” I thought. As much as I wanted new mailboxes, getting them would be expensive.

I glanced out of the window. There was an unfamiliar car at the end of the driveway. It was too far away to see what the driver was doing. Surprisingly, about two hours later I found on the spot where rusted mailboxes had once stood was a solid, white post with new, shiny mailbox sitting on each arm—one black, one white. Paul handed me a note.

“Dear Neighbor, I am so, so sorry I hit y’all’s mailbox. I bought and replaced them with new pretty ones. Again, I am so sorry. Have a wonderful, blessed day!”

The writer had included her phone number and address in case we needed anything else.

We did—we needed to thank her! We also wanted to make sure she hadn’t been injured.
【小题1】Why didn’t the writer replace her mailboxes?
A.She was busy working.B.The postman liked them.
C.They could still be used.D.They reminded her of the difficulties in life.
【小题2】Which of the following can best describe Audree?
A.Clever and beautiful.B.Hardworking and intelligent.
C.Talented and friendly.D.Responsible and considerate.
【小题3】How would the author feel about the result of the event?
A.It’s boring.B.It’s discouraging.
C.It’s inspiring.D.It’s interesting.
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8 . In high school, she was bullied. After college, it was difficult to find a job. But through all the difficult times, Collette Divitto, has had one thing that makes her happy: baking. Divitto, who has Down syndrome (唐氏综合征), decided to channel her passion into a career, opening her own cookie company.

“So actually, I always loved baking, since I was 4 years old. From high school, I had been taking baking classes,” said Divitto, 31. “It was a hard time for me. I had no friends. I didn’t have a social life. I got bullied. I got picked on. And that’s why I had been taking baking classes.”

After high school, Divitto went to Clemson University in South Carolina, but after graduating, it was difficult for her to find jobs. So, she turned to her mom, who helped her create her own job: CEO of Collettey’s Cookies.

“There’re lots of amazing things happening,” Divitto said of the opportunities coming her way. She says her favorite part about running her business is hiring people with disabilities. Collettey’s Cookies helps people with disabilities prepare for their careers, by offering workshops and guidance.

In 2020, just 17.9% of people with a disability were employed. But Divitto believes many want to work, federal law does not require employers to pay them minimum wage. That means companies can pay people with disabilities whatever they think they’re worth — something Divitto is working to change.

She has appealed to society to help create more jobs for people with disabilities, which she hopes gets the attention of Congress. Collettey’s Cookies now has 15 employees, and about half of them are people with disabilities. And they have a strong leader to look up to. “No matter who you are, you can make a great difference in this world,” Divitto said. “Don’t let people bring you down... Do not focus on your disabilities. You only need to focus on your abilities.”

【小题1】What drove Divitto to start her business?
A.Her being bullied.B.Her mother’s help.C.Her Down syndrome.D.Her failure to land a job.
【小题2】Which of the following best describes Divitto’s attitude towards the disabled?
【小题3】What does Divitto want to work to change?
A.The salary the disabled get.B.The fedal law about the disabled.
C.The working conditions of the disabled.D.The role the disabled plays in the Congress.
【小题4】What can we infer from the last paragraph?
A.The disabled act as leaders in her company.B.The government shows no care for the disabled.
C.Disabled people have potential to achieve success.D.Employees show respect for Divitto in her company.
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9 . 阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写一段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。

I had just poured my second cup of tea that morning and sat down to read the paper. From somewhere, an inner voice said, “Go see Jeff and bring him the chair to repair. Go right now.”

It was such a strong need that I hurriedly dressed and carried a dining-room chair to his door. Jeff was a neighbor who had lost his wife a while back, and he sometimes did minor repairs for me because he enjoyed working with his hands.

I knocked on his door and waited a while. I was about to walk away when he answered. He looked like he was far away in his thoughts. I felt awkward about upsetting him so early. I greeted him and then asked if he could repair my chair. He invited me inside. We sat in his living room. He looked very sad and not his usual self. He said he had had a stroke recently, and while he was home now, he still needed to attend physical treatment. He had to build his strength back up. I apologized for the chair and told him I would just bring it back home. He said to leave it.

We talked for a while. He said that, before I arrived, he was seriously sad. So, my visit stopped his darkness. I listened to how hard it had been since his wife passed and how much worse it was now since the stroke. The longer we talked, the more I saw his mood (情绪)lighten.

After I left his home, I went to the supermarket and gathered ingredients (材料). I made him a hot meal I thought he would like. Carefully, I cut up vegetables and prepared stew (炖菜)for him. I believe it was the best stew I ever made. I made homemade biscuits and prepared fresh fruit for dessert. I realize there might have been healthier food, but I thought a hot meal would lift his spirits. I dropped it off for him. He was glad that someone cared. Emotionally, he seemed in a better place.

1. 续写词数应为100左右;
2. 至少使用4个短文中标有下划线的关键词语;
3. 续写一段,开头语已为你写好;
4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

About a week later, he knocked on my door.

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10 . Jones was 21 when she said that she didn’t actually mind being cheated.